Peer von Wahl

Peer von Wahl, Bio.Sc.
MEDIWISS Analytic GmbH

My name is Peer von Wahl.

MEDIWISS Analytic GmbH

Since 1971 I am working with photography, starting with a small Agfa camera, then Exakta, Leica, Nikon, a Hasselblad in the analog version, and finally since 2004 working with the Canon system in the electronic version with full frame sensors. All lenses from 17 to 800 mm from Canon, Hartblei and Zeiss are used.
Highest resolution for landscapes can be achieved by using the Phase One System with the new medium format digital backs.

For presentations I use FotoMagico, the image postprocessing is done via Photoshop, Lightroom and Nik software on Mac computers.

I find my motifs mainly in northern Europe, in all seasons.

As a scientist and biologist who now worked for 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry in the development of immunological laboratory techniques, I have found, in the demanding nature and wildlife photography, a medium with which I can relax from the office and laboratory work.

I try to hold the variety, beauty and uniqueness of nature for me personally, whereas it does not matter to "bank" as many species as possible, to win prizes or to fill the photo archives. My goal is to preserve the small, unfortunately too fast transitory moments in nature by means of photographs on a high level, and to enjoy and remember them.

The exploitation of nature is progressing every day and the lobby of the animal and environmental protectionists is, relative to all other spheres of interest, of little effectiveness. To most people nature and wildlife are only a means to an end to place their own interests - whether politically or economically - in the foreground. On the one hand sweet polar bear images are disseminated in the media, on the other hand, hunting trips are offered in which, for a lot of money, animals are simply shot by trophy collectors. The term "eco" is significant and easy to use for everyone, even though very few understand its original meaning at all.

My concern is to make the fascination of nature accessible to the viewer of this site and, while viewing the phots, winning him for protection and conservation of the "wild nature miracles". Hence the name of this domain was chosen to be wild photo wonders.

The most beautiful experience for me is to be able to encounter a wild animal in the wild and spend a moment with it or watch it for hours or days.
I would be delighted if you would like my pictures.